Monday, April 19, 2010

Haiti & Living Waters Update

Haiti Update

As of April 15 St. John’s has sent $1400 to the Evangelical Blanket School and $1900 to the JeLA School/Orphanage from “Haiti Relief” funds generously provided by members of the congregation. We have also sent, in cooperation with the members of ChristChurch Presbyterian and Restoration Global, two medical clinic containers with supplies and clothing. The key to the second container was given to the Director of the Diquini Adventist Hospital in Port Au Prince last week. Unfortunately, shipment of this container has not yet been fully paid and Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid, our shipping agent, is hoping to be repaid. We are hoping to fill a third container, but shipment of the second needs to be repaid first.

The need is ongoing and the schools and orphanages continue to need support because their numbers have swelled due to refugees from the earthquake. Checks made out to St. John’s and marked for Haiti Relief will go to these needs.

LWW Update

A new well, paid for by the Bellaire SW Houston Rotary Club, has been drilled at JeLA School/Orphanage. Arrangements for the well were carried out by St. John’s/ChristChurch Living Waters for the World team members. A check for $5000, paid by the Houston Area Rotary Club, has been sent to JeLA for construction supplies for the cinder block building to house the water treatment system. The construction labor will be provided by youth of the JeLA organization. (JeLA stands for Youth in Action.) The SJ/CC LWW team is now in the process of raising money for parts for the water treatment and solar power systems with expected installation in early summer. We are told the school at Blanket also needs a water treatment system. The expenses will be lower because the school has a working well and a building suitable for housing the water treatment system. Checks made out to St. John’s and marked for Living Waters for the World will go to these needs.

Meanwhile, Léonie Tchoconté has continued her personal loving efforts for the Haitians by joining another LWW team that recently installed a water system at the Ecole Normale Nouvelle in Port Au Prince, Haiti. She has returned with many pictures and stories she is eager to share on Sunday, May 23, after church - along with Kathie Hartzog and her latest report from the Lulwanda Children’s Home in Uganda.
—John Freeman for the LWW SJ/CC Team