Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Poinsettias

Poinsettias given in memory:
Lynne & Jim Austin in memory of their parents;
Ernie D Davis in memory of Dick;
Phyllis & John Freeman in memory of their parents Ruth &
Ronald Palmer and Evelyn and John Freeman;
Jan Herbert in memory of Geraldine Morgenroth, John Cox, Freda Albert
and Susan Chiado;
Lisa Jury in memory of William & Ginny Darr;
Lisa Jury in memory of Joyce Leybeck;
Pat Elder Ragan in memory of Dave & Dorothy Elder;
Kathy Roth in memory of her mother, Evelyn Weinburger

Poinsettias given in honor:
Gloria & Parnell Avery in honor of loved ones;
Donna Brock & Carol Wnuk in honor of the Anchor House Volunteers;
Linda & Johnny Dyson in honor of the glory of God;
Mindi Stanley & Bill Ehrenstrom in honor of Sou Sou Asmar;
Mindi Stanley & Bill Ehrenstrom in honor of Phil & Pat Costa;
Bob & Mary Hughes in honor of Toren, Naomi & Mina;
Ann Hardy in honor of those who work at Anchor House;
Frank & Norma Johnson in honor of Tom & Claire MacAdam’s
6th wedding anniversary;
Lisa Jury in honor of Doug & Teresa Darr;
Ken & Virginia Krueger in honor of Sean, Amelia & Karis

Poinsettias given on the occasion:
Tom & Claire MacAdam on the occasion of their 6th wedding anniversary