Thursday, September 27, 2012

St. John's Epistle for September 27, 2012

Dear salty, unfiltered Christ followers,

We made the front page of the Houston Chronicle today!  Columnist Lisa Falkenberg wrote about our forthcoming Single Parent Family Ministry in a column titled "Bible message turned on its head." It starts on the bottom of the front page and concludes on page 12 under the heading "Some embarrassed by thy neighbor." Meyerland resident Lisa Gossett is quoted, "If we're a neighborhood that's perceived as being fearmongering, unwelcoming, hypocritical, that's not how I view our neighborhood. And that's not how I want our neighborhood presented." Our Presbytery Executive, Mike Cole, referred to Falkenberg's column in a Facebook post today saying, "I am so proud of St. John, PCHAS, and Homeaid for pursuing this ministry in the face of bigoted and biased opposition."

This Sunday at St. John's features a Blood Drive and a Healing Service. Our sermon text this Sunday, James 5:13-20, talks about healing ministries and so will I in a sermon called "Healing Happens Here." Speaking of physical healing, keep these dear folks in prayer: Gloria, Shelby, Shirley, Elaine, Dora, and Opha. As we know there are many other kinds of healing such as healing of memories, relationships, finances, mental stress, depression, and many others. Those are some of the kinds of healing God provides through this congregation.
Healing refers to wholeness in all aspects of life.

Focus 2012, sponsored by the presbytery and hosted by Pines Presbyterian, is Saturday October 6. Registration begins at 8:30 am followed by keynote, workshops, and worship. All are welcome! Cost is free to attend and lunch tickets are $10. If interested, contact Mary Stener for workshop and registration information via her email or call her at 713-723-6262. The theme this year is Between Tradition and Improvisation, HOPE RISES.

Our presbytery's Youth Connection Council (Featuring leadership by St. John's members Brendan Ehrenstrom, Jacob Ehrenstrom, Christianna Johnson, Mark DeSouza, and Mary Sterner) is hosting a youth rally on Sunday, October 7, at Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church. The rally will include fun and games, music, and a keynote presentation "Eight Words: You are God's Child, So Act Like It!" The rally starts at 3pm, and ends at 5 pm. Contact Mary Sterner for more information.

Your looking to Jesus for healing and inspiration, pastor,
Jon Burnham

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