Monday, November 19, 2012

Anchor House

Visit our Booth at the Living Gift Market

The apartments are doing well. We bought new living room furniture, a couch and two recliners, for one of the apartments. I think some new TV's will be bought soon.

We hope you will visit our booth at The Living Gift Market on Sunday, December 2. This is our only fund raiser. The apartment complex really went up on our rent the last time we signed a lease, and the cable
company keeps inching up on our rates. We are determined not to raise the rent until absolutely necessary, and thanks to your donations we haven't had to do that.

At our booth we will have items to sell
►The Women's Association is going to provide cookies and scarves.
►Connie Brown, Teresa Darr and Pam Tedeschi are going to surprise
us with some of their quilting handiwork.

At our booth we will also accept monetary donations. If you wish, you may choose how you would like your money to be used:
► Kroger Gift cards ($25) for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
► Rent (We charge $54 a day.)
► Meet special needs as they arise.

Our tenants seem most appreciative of their dwellings and have said over and over that the apartments help with their stay in Houston and the healing process. Again, your prayers are appreciated for each tenant.

Thank you for all you do! See you at the Market
Sally Shaw