Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. John's Epistle for December 6, 2012

Dear lingering children of light,

In this Advent season, we find ourselves waiting for Christ to be born anew in our hearts. 

At the same time, we find ourselves praying for Elaine DeSouza who is in hospice care at MD Anderson. We pray for her to find the peace that passes all understanding as she makes the transition from this world to the world to come. Especially we pray for her children, Mark and Jenny, and for their families.

We also lift in prayer Colette who is at Texas Children's Hospital and for Jim who is in Hospice Care at Bayou Manor.

Last Sunday our Living Gift Market raised $14,101.48 for mission from Houston to the end of the earth. Your generosity is remarkable! Congratulations and thanks for your magnificent generosity through which many lives will be touched and healed.

This Sunday at 9 am all ages are invited to St. John's Advent Festival in McPhail Hall. Come make Advent ornament, drink wassail, and sing Christmas carols. A light continental breakfast will be provided.

St. John's 2012 Advent booklet is available in the Narthex this Sunday. Look for JOY! You may use the booklet to help you prepare your heart for this joyous season.

It was a joyous celebration last Sunday as our youth choir led the way in a beautiful service of music that included the chancel choir and the handbell choir. All these choirs will be singing again during worship this Sunday. Come and join us as we lift our souls to God on the Second Sunday of Advent.

Your peaceful yet passionate pastor,

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