Monday, March 11, 2013

Living Waters for the World

Living Waters for the world (LWW) is celebrating its 20th anniversary and as of January 2013 has installed 495 water treatment units all over the world. St. John's has participated in four successful installations in Haiti, Mexico and Cuba— making a difference in preventing water borne diseases in the name of Christ.

St. John’s members John Freeman, Brad Urquhart and LĂ©onie TchocontĂ© are joining with partners ChristChurch Bellaire, St. Philip Presbyterian and the Rotary Club to install a system in Chankom, Yucatan, Mexico. We will partner with a small Presbyterian church in Chankom, Iglesia Roca Eterna. The residents are building a structure which when complete will house the water treatment system.

Chankom is a community of about 3,000 residents who have very limited access to potable water. Our LWW team is raising funds for equipment (about $15,000) and will soon travel to Chankom to assemble, teach, train and guide operations. The system can produce up to 300 gallons per day, will be run by locals, and should be self-sustaining within two years.

If you would like to be part of the clean water effort, either financially or as a team member in the future, contact John or Brad. More information can be found on the website,