Monday, November 4, 2013

News from Braes Interfaith Ministries

We have been aware for several months that the space the resale shop occupies is going to be remodeled by the owner. We were notified recently that we need to vacate the property by December 1.

The Braes Resale Shop will close its doors at the current location on November 23. That will give us several days to empty the shop of the remaining items and fixtures. When we find a suitable location and if funds permit, we can re-open.

Since the Resale Shop also housed our clothing ministry, that must also be suspended. The clothing ministry has been a vital part of our mission for many years, and last year we distributed $57,000 worth of clothing to clients through the resale shop. If you know of a location that would be interested/able to host the clothing ministry until we have a new location for the shop, please let us know.

Things you can do:
►Visit the shop and encourage others to do so.
►If you think you know of a possible location for the shop,  please let us know.
►If you are available to help at the shop, let us know.
►Seriously seek the Lord’s guidance in finding a location for the clothing ministry for an interim period.
►If you know of a space to store fixtures or items not sold, please let us know.
►If you can donate funds to the clothing ministry, we would be extremely grateful. We will need start-up funds to open a shop at a new location.

Contact BIM at 713-723-2670 or