Monday, July 11, 2011

Mustard Seed Project Update

This summer several members of our congregation have jumped at the opportunity to plant seeds of hope and compassion in people living in our community by articipating in a Mustard Seed Project. The variety of projects is especially exciting this year. Would you consider helping them grow their mustard seed by contributing or donating any of the items listed under each project? It’s easy; it’s moving; it’s loving.

Read below to find out how you can participate and help Jesus’ seeds of hope and compassion grow.

Pet Patrol
Jennifer Durand is collecting money and pet supplies for Pet Patrol, a non-profit organization dedicated to taking care of pets owned by the elderly and those affected by severe illness. Volunteers of this organization help feed, groom, and walk pets for those who are unable. By enabling individuals to keep their pets, the emotional well-being of the pet owner is preserved. (Studies show that furry, four-legged companions help reduce depression in home-bound people.)

Items requested are: Dry and canned food (for cats and dogs), flea prevention, dog shampoo,cat litter, pet treats, collars, and leashes. A drop box to collect these items is located next to Vivian’s office.

Braes Interfaith Ministries
Shannon DeSouza and Blake Modlin are collecting coupons for food goods to benefit Braes Interfaith Ministries (BIM). Look through papers, magazines, ads and collect those coupons that will stretch the dollar for purchase of non-perishable foods for the food pantry at BIM. A drop box to collect these coupons can be found in McPhail Hall.

Sally’s House
Michael Rodgers and Lynne Parsons Austin are collecting gently used clothing for women at Sally’s House. Sally’s House is a transitional shelter for single women who have already completed an alcohol/drug detoxification program. This shelter provides a safe and compassionate environment for the next phase of their recovery where they must work or attend school to learn a skill. They are especially in need of appropriate clothing for work. Look through your closets and donate gently used women’s outfits, dresses, pants and blouses. All sizes are acceptable. A drop box to collect these items is located near Vivian’s office.

Interfaith Ministries Animeals
Phyllis and John Freeman are buying and collecting pet food for Interfaith Ministries Animeals program. As you may know, Interfaith Ministries sponsors the Meals on Wheels program for some of our home-bound elder population in Houston. Many of these folks also have pets in need of food.By providing meals to both owner and pet, everyone benefits. Contributions of pet food, money and pet food coupons will aid in this effort. This gesture of contributing food for pets will bring much comfort to those who are struggling to provide for their pets and for themselves. A drop box to collect these items is located near Vivian’s office.

Shearn Elementary School
Betty Robinson and Lynne Parsons Austin are collecting new athletic shoes for students at Shearn Elementary (Pre-K through 5th graders). Buy a pair of kid’s athletic shoes and donate them (or money) to this group of children who might not otherwise be able to afford a new pair of shoes. This small gesture will allow them to start the school year with excitement and self-confidence as they take the next step into their future. A drop box to collect these items is located near Vivian’s office.

We are encouraged by these projects and grateful for each participant. We pray that these acts of faith and kindness will glorify Jesus while bringing hope and compassion to those served. Please join us in this effort. — Lynn Parsons Austin, Outreach Ministries