Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lulwanda Children's Home Mission: Science Items Needed

Below is a list of science equipment that has been requested by the science teachers at Lulwanda Children's Home in Uganda. This list of needed items is for the science folks. The Uganda mission team is hoping that some of these items can be found in closets and forgotten cabinets. These donated items will be packed in the luggage and hand delivered at the end of June by the Uganda Mission Team 2013.

Please contact Kathie Hartzog or Libby Adams is you have some questions.

1.       Abacus

2.      Compass needle

3.      Modeling clay

4.      Weather instruments to set up a weather station:  A rain gauge, Anemometer,  Barometer (mercury), Hygrometer, Sun shine recorder, Wind vane, Wind Sock, Six’s thermometer, clinical thermometer. 

5.       Plastic Tangible three dimensional models of animals in air, water and on land.

6.      Retort stand

7.      Burette  

8.      Pipete  

9.      Conical flasks  

10.  Straws

11.  Beam balance

12.  Spring balance

13.  Tape measure

14.  Beakers

15.  Gas Cylinder

16.  Burdizzo Pliers

17.  Milking Can

19.  Trip Cup Lactometer
20.  Top bar hive

22.  Gumboots