Thursday, April 4, 2013

St. John's Epistle for April 4, 2013

Dear Easter colored Christians,

Last week was a great one at St. John's. It started with a Palm Exchange with Salem Lutheran and Westbury Methodist in our Fellowship Hall on Palm Sunday. That was a terrific way to start holy week! Then we had a powerful Maundy Thursday service in which Allen Barnhill brought several trombonists from Rice University to play for the service. Good Friday was a touching service at Salem Lutheran. Easter Sunday the youth did a good job leading the Sunrise Service and the 10:30 am Easter Service was a sweet service. Blessings abounded for all who participated.

We are coming to the end of the Unbinding Your Heart study groups. This Lenten study has been a powerful experience for some of us and a positive experience for all participants. We have rekindled our prayer lives and renewed spiritual friendships. Some good energy and ideas are coming out of this. We will have an evaluation in the bulletin insert on April 21 and have a brunch after worship on April 28 to process what we have learned and where we go from here with the Unbinding Your Heart experience.

Be on the lookouts soon for an enhanced design for St. John's Epistle. Pam is working on  bringing the look up to date and adding worship leaders and birthdays and more in each weekly Epistle. Let us know what you think as we make this upgrade in the weeks to come. It will still come to you in the form of a weekly email.

Curtis is in ICU this week at St Luke's and Kay is in Southwest Memorial. Keep them in prayer this week as well as all who need healing in whatever form. Let us continue to be a congregation where HEALING HAPPENS HERE.

Your Easter colored pastor,

P.S. As you may see below, we have a very generous church. Already several people have responded to Mr Bob's Wishlist. 

-Session Room Improvements

   *Ceiling mounted video projector ($350) / WISH GRANTED (Thank you anonymous donor!)

   *Pull down projector screen ($150) / WISH GRANTED (Thank you anonymous donor!)

   *Speaker system for video projector ($85) / WISH GRANTED (Thank you anonymous donor!)

-Directional signage for campus for different buildings and specific locations (Office, kitchen, McPhail restrooms, parking, etc. $2,000)

-Landscaping and planting around the A/C by Education Building on West Bellfort($700) - / WISH GRANTED (Thank you anonymous donor!)

-Courtyard benches ($400 each) / WISH GRANTED FOR ONE BENCH (Thank you anonymous donor!)