Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 30 Insert Highlights

Potluck Brunch Today: Everyone is invited to Fellowship Hall for a great smorgasbord
of treats. Please come even if you did not bring a dish.

Got Sheets? Presbyterian Women needs worn sheets to be torn into bandages for Medical Bridges. Please bring your donated clean sheets to the church office.

Mustard Seed Project: The Faith in Action Committee invites members of the congregation to pray about where God is calling them to serve people in need. If members feel impassioned to engage in an act of compassion and service, they will be given $100 to invest through the Mustard Seed Project. For more information, please ask Tom and Claire MacAdam.

Supporting BIM: It is time to re-enroll the church and our friends and members in Kroger's Community Rewards program. But you must have a Kroger Plus Card to participate. So, if you don't have a Plus card, visit Kroger's desk for an application. This year's program should grow if we can influence family, friends and neighbors to join with St. Johns for benefit of BIM, and then simply shop.

Lulwanda Children’s Home Mission Trip

The excerpt is from the blog ( posted from the Lulwanda Children’s Home Mission Trip in Uganda. St. Johners Libby Adams and Kathie Hartzog arrived on June 24. Please follow the blog and read about their activities as they host a teacher conference, with teachers from 30 different schools this week.

We packed bags of appreciation gifts for the Lulwanda teachers. We met in the library and served the teachers cake and soft drinks, a special treat they all enjoyed. Each and every teacher and support staff was presented a certificate of appreciation, a brand new Bible, and a bag of many goodies. The Lulwanda staff has done a wonderful job leading their students to score so high on the state tests that the school is ranked 3rd in the Mbale district. They have committed themselves to the task of becoming number one! From this striving for excellence God will receive much glory and lives will be changed forever. Thanks to all of the people who provided the abundance of supplies that God has multiplied over and over so that we could provide for them some comforts and treats…Today we laid the groundwork to restyle and design the nursery school area. There is a plan and we are praying for God to bless this effort for his kingdom. Kathie Hartzog, teacher, administrator, and mentor to all of us, is working with Marc in designing shelving and other items needed for this effort.