Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, June 16 Inserts

BIM Volunteers Needed:
♥ An individual to help sign in clients at the front desk. Minimal filing skills are required. Help is needed on Wednesdays and Fridays.
♥ A pantry worker for Mondays. The chief responsibility is the sacking of vegetables and getting them ready for distribution.
♥ Someone with computer savvy to update and maintain our websites.
♥ To help pick-up food from the Houston Food Bank.
♥ A film maker to create a short film of Braes Interfaith Ministries’ operations to be shared with the supporting congregations and community groups.
Call Eloy Montez for more information, 713-723-2671.

Supporting BIM: It is time to re-enroll the church and then our friends and members in Kroger's Community Rewards program. Last year we earned $593 from Kroger. Each of us, and our friends and neighbors, will need a Kroger Plus Card. So, if you don't have a Plus card, visit Kroger's desk for an application. If you are a senior, don't forget to register your Plus Card to get an extra 10% discount on Kroger brand merchandise you buy. This year's program should grow if we can influence family, friends and neighbors to join with St. Johns for benefit of BIM, and then simply shop. No out-of-pocket contributions here.

St. John’s Thursday Epistle: If you are not receiving our weekly newsletter email, usually sent on Thursdays, please let the office know. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your church family and activities.

Lulwanda Children’s Home Mission Trip: Libby Adams and Kathie Hartzog are leaving on June 21 for Uganda. You can follow their trip by visiting the website address: Please leave a comment for the mission trip to read.