Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Registration begins for Kroger Community Rewards Program

2013/2014 Kroger Community Rewards
Last year as members of Kroger’s grocery store “Neighbor to Neighbor” program we earned money for Braes Interfaith Ministries (BIM). This year the Kroger program has changed.

The program has a new name, “Kroger Community Rewards Program.” St. John’s has a new number, 90528.  You can only register on-line matching your Plus Card to our new program number
August 1 Action Day – Registration Begins

Start at

Step One: Create a Kroger account

Step 2: Enroll your Plus Card to the St. Johns Presbyterian Church account, benefitting BIM, roll down through the state names to the bottom of the screen for TEXAS.

Step 3: Click on Enroll Now for the information form entry.

Step 4: Click on Create an Account, fill in the form and get it accepted. St. Johns number is 90528

Or you can come to Room 208 and it can be done for you! Please remember to bring your Kroger Plus Card.