Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We’ve got Soap, Socks and Scissors

Now all the (PW) Presbyterian Women need to fill the seafarers’ Christmas boxes is your help and generosity.

We have  plenty of tooth brushes, but no tooth paste! We need deodorant and disposable razors, lip balm and floss, pocket combs and nail clippers, tissue packs and even a few more 2014 calendars.

A seaman from the Philippines once said, “Every seafarer prays to come to Houston during the Christmas season. Shoe-boxes are filled with just the things we really must have and we’d never buy on our salaries.”

Donations can be put in the recycle center in McPhail Hall or delivered to church office.

P.S. Monetary donations are happily accepted and we will shop for you!             — Joann Navratil