Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas/Epiphany Goats

Enough money was donated to the St. John’s Haiti Relief fund at the Holiday Gift Market to buy a male and female goat (a mating pair) for the Blanket Evangelical School at Blanket, Haiti. This is the school we supported after the earthquake and where a Living Waters for World water system installation is planned for early January with Léonie Tchoconté and Supris Cheazard participating. The goats will be purchased by Léonie and Surpris during their trip to Haiti in January – if it takes place on schedule.

There has been considerable civil unrest in Haiti. The unrest has led to a partial lockdown of the country with road blocks, and suspension of air travel following protests and rioting. We have lost email contact with our partners in Haiti, perhaps because people are afraid to venture out.

The good news is that, last we heard, our water systems have all been working and providing purified water.

Again – thanks to those at St. John’s who contributed to the LWW funds and the Haiti Relief Fund at the HGM for making possible Goats for Haiti and the beginning of our next water system installation.
— John Freeman and Léonie Tchoconté