Monday, December 20, 2010

Church Apartment Ministry — Anchor Houses

Again the little old ladies have been busy. We shut down one apartment. We now have 6apartments. Interfaith Ministry was very helpful in picking up some of the furniture we weren’t interested in keeping.

Thanks to Women’s Association for providing cookies for our booth at the Holiday Gift Market, and thanks to the many people who made donations. We raised $1,004.66 for our only fundraiser for the ministry. Hopefully we will be able to provide wireless internet in our new apartments.

We have Presbyterian ministers in one of our apartments; Bruce Robinson and his wife, Deb, are from Haiti. Bruce has been there 27 years and Deb, 10 years. They are Community Developers. We are hoping to get them together with the Freemans and Léonie.

The holidays hit us hard this year. We were competing with all the other churches and Hospitality Houses for tenants. Usually the tenants that can be sent home leave and our list becomes very short. We always feel like we do have divine intervention in finding just the right tenant.

Some of our tenants are having a tough fight on their hands and need all our prayers.
— Sally Sha