Monday, August 29, 2011

Where in the World is Steven Leach?

Steven is serving as an ordained minister of the Word and Sacrament at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Cape Town, South Africa. St. Andrew’s is the oldest Presbyterian church in Cape Town. In addition to delivering the word and sacrament, he is actively engaged in a juvenile prison ministry and participates in a hospital chaplaincy group. He visits the prison weekly, working on building relationships with the inmates, and visits the hospital every other week, or as needed. He is also serving on a committee with Presbytery of the Cape, which is meeting monthly to write the guidelines of worship for the presbytery. Steven’s visa into South Africa shows that he is acting as a voluntary missionary in the country. His ministry in South Africa is being sponsored by First Presbyterian Church, San Antonio, with additional financial support from family and friends.

Steven is focusing his ministry on reconciliation. There is still much healing to be done in that country as the people continue to deal with post-Apartheid issues. He has been volunteering at the Institute for Memories, which is recording the individual histories of citizens who lived through Apartheid.

If you would like to follow his ministry, you can visit his blog:

He tries to post at least every Sunday and includes his sermon on the Sundays that he preaches. If you subscribe to the blog, an e-mail is sent to you when he posts. The last time I checked, the site had 6 subscribers, half of which were family. You can support his ministry by joining and reading the blog!