Thursday, October 11, 2012

St. John's Epistle for October 11, 2012

Dear historically-active people of God,

This Saturday we will celebrate the 56th anniversary of our church (which was founded in 1956) this Saturday, October 13, at 5:15 pm in McPhail Hall with a pot-luck dinner and program to follow. Come if you can. In thinking about our anniversary and our church's history of mission in the community, the Lord led me to this prayer for courage in Christ's mission. This is my prayer for you and me and this congregation.

O God, show us clearly the heart of the kingdom of God.

We do not protest

even if our life is destined to lead to the cross,

or if the way leads to our losing our lives.

We will march in the face of distress and contrary winds.

Teach us how to dispense with unnecessary things.

Let us go forward without fear of death

in order to fulfill our mission simply, surely, and steadily.

Reveal to us our station clearly,

and strengthen us to teach and guide, by our example, all persons,

even those who are ruled by evil.

We pray that you may find us worthy to work through us.

~Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960) 

May we continue to serve Christ with boldness and may we experience in our lives and in our congregation the power of letting go as described in the sermon passage for this Sunday, Mark 10:17-31.

Your blessed to be part of this church's history pastor,


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