Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4 Sunday Insert Highlights

Committee Chairs Alert: Please send to the office ( your reports for the Session Report which will be emailed Monday, August 5. The August Session meeting will be Wednesday, August 7.

Beacon Deadline: The deadline for the first electronic Beacon is Sunday, August 11. Please email your article ( or bring to Room 208.

Family Movie Night, Saturday, August 17: Everyone is invited to the special showing of Mamma Mia! in the session room. This 2008 musical features the music of ABBA.

Please Support and Donate to these 2013 Mustard Seed projects:
♥ Blake Modlin  is using her $100.00 to purchase school supplies for Small Steps Nurturing Center. Check with Blake about helping her gather lots of supplies!
♥ Shannon DeSouza is using her mustard seed money to buy food for the BIM Pantry. Please consider donating coupons and/or money to assist her with making the most of her donation.
♥ Betty Robinson is purchasing shoes for students at Shearn Elementary. Look for the collection box in Bldg 1 to help Betty with her project.