Sunday, January 19, 2014

Souper Bowl of Caring - February 2

“Lord, even as we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, help us to be mindful of those who are without a bowl of soup to eat.”
                                  -SouperBowl of Caring Founding Prayer 

One Church-with one prayer in 1990-has now grown to 5,221 churches nationwide, raising $2,841,488 cash and food items collected in 2013. St. John’s will join with congregations across America on Sunday, February 2. 

It’s simple.

St. John’s youth will take up a collection as you leave church, asking each person to contribute $1.00. (Of course, larger gifts are certainly accepted.) 

It’s local.

All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Braes Interfaith Ministries (BIM). 

It’s a celebration.

Everyone is invited to gather in McPhail Hall after worship for homemade soups by the talented chefs of St. John’s  

Join the SouperBowl of Caring and
experience God’s love in action.

February 2