Monday, June 11, 2012

Attention St. John’s Youth!

Don’t spend your summer glued to your computers! Instead, make St. John’s Presbyterian Youth Fellowship (PYF) part of your summer adventure and remember friends are welcome.
Below is a list of the necessities needed before you can enjoy the PYF summer outings:

1. Hydrate your body with water (inside and outside).
2. Wear sunscreen (repeat as needed).
3. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
4. Wear breathful comfortable summer clothing.
5. Take pictures. . . and more pictures.
6. Have a cheerful spirit.

These 6 requirements will be really important for our three off-campus outdoor events: Splash day at Small Steps (June 21), Park Walk and Explore (July 8) and our day trip to Galveston (August 4). On these trips we will share Texas summer fun with the students of Small Steps and then with each other.

7. Have a healthy appetite

The 7th hint is necessary for our July 22 and August 19 meetings. We will be indulging our "sweet tooth" as we explore the world of desserts! Will we be baking? Will we be trying new recipes? The only guarantee given is that you’ll be eating! Come and taste! Friends are welcome.