Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Join A Committee

Which committee are you serving on to help St. John’s fulfill its mission to the people of Houston?

It is not too late to join a committee. Call the elder who chairs the area you are interested in and ask, “what can I do to help?” There is no retirement age in God’s Kingdom, so all are welcome. Serving on a committee is a good way to get to know the members of your church family.

Introducing our 2011 Session
Moderator: Jon Burnham
Clerk to Session: Mary Herlitz
Administration/Personnel: Franklin Caspa; Evan Harrel
Caring:Mary Hughes
Christian Education: Bill Ehrenstrom; Libby Adams
Evangelism: Kathleen Captain; Jennifer Durand
Fellowship: Aaron Jacobsen
Finance/Stewardship: Lindsey Sen-Roy; Tad Mulder
Outreach: Phyllis Freeman; Kathie Hartzog
Property: David Wintersgill
Worship: Jeanne Leach; Sean Coughlen