Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Presbyterian Youth Fellowship Lock-in Review

On January 22-23, PYF members participated in a Lock-in, based on the movie Despicable Me. We began the night by playing games. We played Minion Tag (when tagged players had to walk like minions from the movie) and Find the Minion (a reverse Hide and Seek.) We also played team/group building games such as Fly Me to the Moon (teams built paper space ships and shot them at a moon target) and Build a Miniature Landmark (team players were blindfolded, except for one person, who directed the blindfolded players to build a replica of a landmark made from foods like pretzel sticks and gum drops.) After game time we made “Robot Cookies” for our movie snack. We watched Despicable Me and had a Bible study and question/answer time during which we discussed what happens when people pray and how we deal with fairness. Following the movie we had a late night worship time. After worship it was sleep time…as if anyone went to sleep! At 7 am everyone was woken up for clean up and breakfast. It was a super fun time together!