Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Special Guest, September 25— Rev. Carlton Palm

On Sunday, September 25, we will welcome to our pulpit the Rev.Carlton (Cobbie) Palm.

The first 18 years of Cobbie’s life were spent in the Philippines as the son of Presbyterian missionaries, Jim and Louise Palm. He earned a Master of Divinity degree in 1987 with an emphasis on the study of world religions from Union Theological Seminary in New York. After graduating, Cobbie received an associate degree from the Graduate School of Ecumenical Studies at Bossey, Switzerland.

He has served with Presbyterian World Mission in the Philippines since 1989 and is the Director of Spiritual Formation at the Divinity School at Silliman University. His work includes leading students and faculty in spiritual retreats for each class, the faculty, and the seminary community. “I truly enjoy this ministry,” Cobbie writes, “we sing and perform, pray, reflect, and worship with such enthusiasm and joy knowing that for a refreshing change performance is not a grade point average.”

He also works on several community boards and programs. These include GWACE, Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation, the Buglas Bamboo Institute (promotes bamboo for housing and furniture) and Karapatan (defends workers against mining corporations and the urban poor against unjust treatment). Learn more at (You can also subscribe to Cobb’s Letters.)

After our church service Cobbie will join us for a light lunch in McPhail Hall.